Fisher's Club of Avon is for sale or lease. Please send an email via the "Contact Us" page here on this website. We are now closed
Fisher's Club is about perfecting that fine art of doing nothing, lakeside, with friends, a fine beverage or two, and the best darn walleye this side of the border. It's what
George Fisher Sr. intended back in 1932 when he opened the Club, and we do our best to carry on that legacy.

Of course we're famous for the walleye; our ribs, fish tacos, and homemade desserts all give the walleye a run for its notoriety. Something else we're famous for is one of the legends of this area: Garrison Keillor. He's host to some large and small music events in Avon and at The Club. As part owner he is occasionally spotted here enjoying the food, customers, and these Lake Wobegon surroundings.

You'll find we use the same identical recipes on our menu that were perfected by Flo, Sally, Hazel, and friends throughout the decades, plus a select few new recipes that we rigorously scrutinized before adding them.

Memorial weekend through Labor Day we offer Sunday breakfasts. We are right across the road from the Wobegon Trail which makes our spot a guilt-free location to enjoy a homemade powder milk biscuit with perfect eggs and bacon. Consider biking or walking on the trail and come in for some of the best percolator-made coffee you've had in a long time. Take a look at our Breakfast Menu.  

We're one of the few remaining bottle clubs in Minnesota. This means you bring your own bottle of hard liquor and we provide what's called a set-up: the elements for a perfect martini, Manhattan, you get the idea. We have a wine list we're proud of and a terrific beer selection including locally brewed beers including Cold Spring Brewery, Surly Brewery, Lift Bridge Brewery and Summit Brewing.

Fisher's Club
Middle Spunk Lake - Avon, MN

Thanks for all the wonderful years!
We are now closed.
Fisher's Club is for sale or for lease.
If you are interested and want to know more, please reach us through the "contact us" page on this website. 

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